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Posted on April 3 2014 in Announcements

We just wanted to let everyone know that we got ourselves a shiny new blog! Of course you probably already knew that, as you are reading said shiny new blog. We hope you enjoy the new look, but it’s not all about appearances, so here are some new features we’d like to draw your attention to:

  • There are some share buttons that will appear in the upper left hand corner of each post. Like a post? Share it to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ by clicking the corresponding icons.
  • We’ve got a Google+ comments field for you to share your thoughts. Please do.
  • If you’re a Pinterest enthusiast we’ve added a “Pin It” button just for you.
  • There is a search icon to the right of the menu that you are welcome to use if you’re looking for a specific topic.

If you’re already missing the old blog, we’re sorry, it’s gone. However, all the content is still here for your viewing pleasure.

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