Stormboard 2.0 Feature Upgrade Announcement

Posted on March 12 2014 in Announcements, Features

The team at Stormboard is eager to show you what we’ve been working on. We’ve made Stormboard, faster, easier and a whole lot more beautiful!

Change is Hard!

We know that change can sometimes take a little while to get used to, but we think this update is totally worth it. If you have trouble using any of the new features, or simply want to do a walkthrough of the new interface, just let us know.

Soon you’ll love it as much as we do!

New Look!

Our design team did some amazing work to modernize Stormboard. The new interface makes collaborating and brainstorming easier, more flexible and more fun.


This interface upgrade serves three key purposes:

  • More Touchable – Everything in Stormboard is designed for touch. Whether you’re using your tablet, touch enabled laptop or even large format touchscreens like Perceptive Pixel, your Stormboard experience will be awesome.
  • More Consistent – We’ve redesigned the different sticky notes to look so much better. The controls for voting and commenting are in the same spot whether you’re adding text, photos, videos or our new sticky note types.
  • More Powerful – We’ve taken a bunch of the feedback we’ve gotten from you and made Stormboard better. We’ve moved a few things around (search, chat and activity notifications) to give them more space, and features.
  • More Collaborative – Our new comment bubbles make it really easy to see comments that you haven’t read yet. Our improved viewfinder enables you to quickly scan for ideas that have unread comments by looking for ideas with a red border and new ideas have a dot in the middle of them so you can quickly catch up on what you might have missed.

New Sticky Types!

We’ve added two new sticky types to Stormboard!

Circle-ideacreationSketch Stickies

  • The Sketch sticky works just how it sounds. You can use your mouse, a touch screen or a tablet to draw a picture, message or a doodle so people can see what you’re thinking!

Document Stickies

  • Drop your Word, Excel, PDF or other files into Stormboard and all the participants can access them along with the rest of your ideas. This is great for adding supporting documentation, or more detail to get everyone on the same page.

Both these new sticky types are just getting started, we’ve got some ideas on how to add more value to both these sticky types and would love to hear your ideas as well.

More Communication Tools!

Circle-activityImproved Search

  • The Search panel helps you narrow your search by providing more criteria to choose from; like who created the sticky, who commented on it, how many votes it received and what color it is.

Better Activity History

  • The activity panel now shows you all the things happening in a storm and when you click on them it zips you right over there.

Bigger Chat Panel

  • The chat window now makes it easier to keep track of what everyone is saying.

And More!

There are hundreds of subtle usability changes we’ve made but we don’t want to overwhelm you in this post. Go check them out now and let us know what you think!

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